The Philippine Nurses Association of Illinois, Inc. (PNAI)

Warm greetings to everyone! It has been long years, that we have remained silent , like PNAI, we are now coming back and rising up with the challenges. Resilient, always with new hopes, ideas, new faces, more determined and passionate to achieve our goals to succeed. My vision is a unique PNAI with true sense of professionalism, commitment, and volunteerism., ready For collaboration with every healthcare initiatives, doing the best practice so that our fellow nurses Become involved, empowered, and focus to excel in their chosen endeavors. Together, the challenge is on all of us! To align with and support the Future of Nursing 2020-2030. Charting the path to achieve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. As Nurses ,we are one of the most Trusted profession in the world, this is our new beginning, let us be United, One voice, we can achieve More as an organization, continue to shine, lead, and serve our communities.

Let us RISE up on Challenges, as United Voices,


Marilou J. Dangalan BSN,RN
President PNA Illinois Inc. 2022-2024


The Philippine Nurses Association of Illinois, Inc. (PNAI) is a professional, voluntary, non-sectarian, and non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the standards and promoting the cultural heritage of nurses from the Philippines.


To be an organization responsive to its constituents’

needs and be a force in the whole world arena of nursing